BE BOLD Youth Program

Life can be complicated; you don’t have to do it alone.

Boldness is defined as “a person showing an ability to take a risk; confident and courageous.” Maybe that is you today, or perhaps that is who you are striving to be. No matter where you are in this journey, the BE BOLD Youth Program wants to support your empowerment, strengthen your voice, help you achieve your goals, understand your value, and get support from a community of likeminded individuals.


Our program pairs you with an adult partner who will become someone you can trust, learn with, and grow alongside. You will meet weekly for fun-centered and life skill-building activities and come together once a month with a larger group of young people who are determined to grow and strengthen themselves while being a reliable support system for one another.


There is no religious affiliation or personal agenda here – we just want to educate and empower youth about how awesome they are and help their unique skill sets shine bright.


Some topics we cover are self-care, sex and relationships, goal setting, budgeting, and figuring out burning questions like what the heck happens after age eighteen.


Contact our BE BOLD Youth Program Leader Taylor at (530) 887-1006 or taylor@casaplacer.org.

Learn more about how we can spread boldness together.