Be Bold

Boldness is defined as "a person showing an ability to take a risk; confident and courageous."
BE BOLD assigns specially trained CASAs to youth who are victims of or are at-risk of involvement in Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC).
The BE BOLD program builds youth empowerment, helps strengthen their voice, achieve goals, understand their value, and provides community support from like-minded individuals.
By way of mentoring, education, and peer-to-peer activities, youth learn to advocate for themselves and build stronger independent living skills.
Be Bold

If you know a youth who could benefit from the Be BOLD program, please fill out this Youth Program Referral Form.

For questions about eligibility or more information, please contact Jason at (530) 887-1006 or

“Before the BE BOLD program, I didn't have a support team like I do now.
I didn't have anyone to talk to or look out for me.”

- 15 year old girl in BE BOLD program

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