K9s 4 Kids pups at the Juvenile Detention facility

Child Advocates of Placer County has an exciting new program called K9s 4 Kids that brings trained therapy dogs to see many of the youth we serve. Each therapy dog team includes a dog, a handler, and a companion volunteer – typically a CASA volunteer.  Our teams visit the Juvenile Detention Facility every Friday afternoon to visit with probation youth, and to the Koinonia Emergency Placement homes every Tuesday to visit kids who have recently been detained from their families due to abuse or neglect.

The K9’s 4 Kids program gives kids, who are experiencing trauma, a chance to love and be loved by these great dogs, experience normalcy in a stressful environment, and allow an acceptable connection for the youth who have a hard time connecting with others.

The program is very popular, and to expand it to transitional housing programs and other sites, we’re looking for people who have a trained K9 to join this exciting new program.

If you are interested in participating in the K94kids program, please follow the below steps:

  • The FIRST STEP: Get your K9/pooch certified with either a good citizen certificate or as a certified pet therapy dog (we can help you with this process – contact Jose Huizar (530) 887-1006 or jose@casaplacer.org)
  • The SECOND STEP: Attend an Orientation or meet with someone who is currently volunteering with K94Kids Program (meetings can be done in person or over the phone). To set up an appointment contact Jose Huizar (530) 877-1006 or jose@casaplacer.org
  • The THIRD STEP: Complete the volunteer application found on our website: casaplacer.org
  • The FOURTH STEP: Come into the Child Advocates of Placer County office to fill out forms (background check authorization, confidentiality and mandated reporting), pay $30 background fee, and complete fingerprinting **
  • The FITH STEP: Schedule observation without your dog
  • The SIXTH STEP: Introduce your dog with one of our current volunteers and complete 1hr training
  • The FINAL STEP: Shadow a current K94Kids volunteer with your dog

** No fingerprints necessary if you are already a CASA or Mentor with Child Advocates of Placer County.

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