Julie Stark


Julie Stark has been a CASA volunteer since January 2008. Over the years she has handled several CASA cases and spent a couple of years as a mentor. In early 2017 Julie became a Family Mentor. Julie retired January 2017 after 25 years working in the corporate world as a Director of Global Accounts for American Express. Over the years she had expressed an interest in joining the CAPC team to help raise “a ton of money” as Don Kleinfelder kindly reminder her. Julie is excited to be working with Amber and Don and looks forward to helping raise a lot of money. 

“I cut out the article and taped it on my refrigerator and after 6 months of looking at it I decided to make the call and go to an orientation. I was hooked after my first case. I love what we do and the stories that are shared are heartwarming. We have the BEST volunteers and I am in awe of all they do for us and the children we serve. I have a very active role in all the events we put on. I really enjoy getting to talk and mingle with our supporters at any event we have.   We couldn’t do what we do without them!”