Our Programs

We serve our community through a "Whole Family Approach" to preventing child abuse and neglect - something that more and more agencies are seeing as a best practice.

As such, Child Advocates of Placer County has two groups of programs:

Youth Services and Family Services.

Youth Services

Our Youth Services includes Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), which assigns CASA volunteers to foster youth; BE BOLD, which provides CASAs to youth involved in sex trafficking; Level UP, which is our CASA program in Delinquency court; and K9s 4 Kids, which brings CASAs and their therapy dogs into group homes and the juvenile detention facility.


For more information about about how to become a CASA, click here to register for our next Information Session, or email info@casaplacer.org

K9s 4 Kids (1)

For more information about our K9s 4 Kids program, click here, or email linsey@casaplacer.org

Be Bold

For more information about our Be Bold program, click here, or email jason@casaplacer.org


For more information about our Level Up program, click here, or email jason@casaplacer.org.

Family Services

Family Services include Family Mentors, which assigns mentors to struggling parents, and Prosper Placer, which utilizes community volunteers to help families move out of poverty. Prosper Placer also has an Immigration Advocacy component for our Latino cohorts. Most recently, we are piloting a program with Placer County Children’s System of Care to provide CASA-trained mentors to parents who have just had their children detained by child welfare. The goal of this program (called PEG - Parent Empowerment Group) is to help parents better engage in the reunification process.

By enhancing CASA with our "Whole Family Approach", we hope to ensure the long-term success of our children and achieve our vision of breaking the cycle of generational child abuse, neglect, and poverty.


For more information about Prosper Placer, click here, or email katja@casaplacer.org

Family Mentors

For more information about Family Mentors, click here, or email kristi@casaplacer.org

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