Susie Klinefelter


Susie has been a volunteer with Child Advocates since 2014 as a CASA, Family Mentor, K9s 4 Kids volunteer, Court Supervisor, and also a Volunteer Case Supervisor.  Prior to joining CASA, she worked with children and adolescents professionally in the mental health, education, and recreation fields.  She has a degree in Recreation Administration with an emphasis in Recreation Therapy and worked in acute psychiatric settings for six years as a Recreation Therapist and Program Director.

Following that, she worked as the Business Administrator of a small private parent-participation elementary school for eleven years.  She is also the Director of an overnight summer camp in the Monterey area and has been doing that for the past 30 summers.  She and her husband have raised two sons and many dogs in Roseville and continue to enjoy spending time with family, friends, and all kinds of animals.  Her hobbies include hosting pub trivia, cooking, traveling, and reading.

I believe that giving back and helping those in need is essential to a healthy, happy, and productive community.  Everyone has strengths and gifts to share, and to be able to support those volunteers that want to share those strengths with some of the most vulnerable in our community is a privilege and an honor.  To be able to see the enormous impact the CASA program has on foster kids is incredibly gratifying and something I am proud to be a part of.