Taylor Baierlein

Program Manager | BE BOLD Youth Program

Taylor has been working at Child Advocates since 2014. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Sacramento State University. She also studied Journalism and Early Childhood Development and worked as the Editor-in-Chief and featured writer in the newspaper there. She has experience working in visitation with a private foster agency and has volunteered at Shiners Hospitals for Children in the Therapeutic Child Life Center. She has been working with children coaching, mentoring, and teaching in many capacities since she was a teenager. Her passion to serve children and people has allowed her to travel to Spain, Italy, Scotland, Jamaica, France, Germany, Holland, and Mexico.



I have always loved working with youth! Over the years, I have had the opportunity to spend time with, and learn about children from all over the world. Through that, I have realized that my heart really lies with those who are living in poverty and are a part of the foster care system. When I first happened upon Child Advocates of Placer County I was immediately intrigued. The mission statement and programs were right up my alley. A good chunk of my background has been through volunteering, so seeing that this organization was volunteer-run was so impressive and inspiring to me! To see so many people coming together for an incredible cause, that speaks volumes. I am still, after all these years, inspired every day by the people I have met through our program. I now get to work and volunteer with some of my closest friends!



I love seeing kids get adopted! When I was growing up, many of my friends had been adopted and then as I got older, a lot of my friends chose to adopt their own children. I have a vivid memory of being about 12 years old and thinking to myself that one day I wanted to adopt because I saw what a beautiful thing it was and is! There is something so special about watching a new family be created and grow together. That, that family chose one another. Children in the system go through so many things that many of us could never even imagine. What a beautiful ending and beginning in their stories!



Another thing I love to see is the lasting relationships that our volunteers make with the children and families in our programs. Watching them interact and hearing about the huge difference they make in each other’s lives is so amazing! People come here with the intention to change lives, and they quickly find out that their lives are also changed for the better. Not all cases have a happy ending, but the bonds and experiences that come from those cases are irreplaceable.



I enjoy all the events for different reasons. The main one being that we get everyone together: our donors, our staff, our volunteers, our board members, and people from the community who want to support us. I love seeing everyone in one place celebrating and working together.