You’re just 5 steps away from joining our team of dedicated volunteers:

  • 1. Attend

    The first step is to attend a live Information Session via Zoom. Email info@casaplacer.org or click HERE to select and RSVP to an upcoming Info Session.

  • 2. Apply

    After you have attended an Info Session, you will receive an application. 

  • 3. Interview

    We will review your application and contact you to schedule an interview.

  • 4. Train

    Complete our five-week training module, submit your background check, and get fingerprinted. 

  • 5. Graduate

    On Graduation Day, you will be sworn in by a judge as an Officer of the Court.

    Congratulations! You will be matched with a child in need of an Advocate!

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Child Advocates of Placer County’s “Whole Family Approach” trains and equips Court Appointed Special Advocates, Be Bold & Level Up Youth Partners, Family Mentors, and Prosper Placer Allies to bring hope and healing to children and families fighting to break generational bonds of abuse, neglect, and poverty.

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  • At least twenty-one years of age.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Ability to keep all client and court information confidential.
  • Willingness and commitment to respect and relate to people from various backgrounds and lifestyles (economic, cultural, educational, philosophical, etc.) in a variety of settings.
  • Ability to transport self to a variety of locations.
  • Ability to deal positively with hostility, anger, and other strong emotions.
  • Ability to maintain objectivity.
  • Ability to gather and accurately record factual information.
  • Ability to demonstrate sound judgement and have good character.
  • Ability to work independently as required, as well as the ability to accept supervision and direction as needed.

“I am so proud that I’ve been a CASA, a family mentor and now a Court Supervisor. This work returns so much joy and purpose to my life that is hard to say who it helps more. And then there are the adults I work with, the Court Supervisors and the office staff that supports us. They make me feel appreciated, when in fact, I am the one who’s appreciative of them.”   

- CAPC Volunteer

Our life-changing programs are made possible by the generosity of others. Become a supporter today!